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Fleas are a common pest found in and around Des Moines, Iowa. Downs Pest Control provides services to control fleas. 

Flea Treatments

If you have a question about flea treatments we provide to Des Moines residents check out our frequently asked flea treatment questions here: 

Flea Treatment FAQ

 Downs Pest Control and Flea Control

  Fleas are nasty and very difficult to contro once inside of your homel. Fleas bite and make your dog or cat very uncomfortable. Fleas can be controlled. What makes getting rid of fleas so difficult is their life-cycle. Fleas are also difficult to control because fleas do not spend most of their time on your pets. This makes it very difficult to locate and remove fleas.

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In order to fight fleas effectively you must have an approach that fights fleas on your pets, in your home, and in your yard. The approach must be continuous because one treatment often will not completely eliminate the fleas because of the different life cycles of the fleas. Flea eggs may remain after treatments and fleas can remain in the pupa stage in a protective cocoon for as long as year waiting for the right conditions to emerge.

As you can see this makes it very difficult to treat fleas with one approach. We can help with control of fleas in the house and in the yard, but your vet must take care of the control of fleas on your dog or cat. We can inspect the home for fleas and determine the best treatment method to rid your home of those annoying fleas. Often it takes a series of treatments over a long period of time to be sure that fleas do not come back. When the treatments are thorough and continuous the fleas do not stand a chance. Call us today for a free consultation and quote to control your fleas.

The video below is also shares valuable information about flea treatments.

Check out this link for more information about fleas and treating for fleas: Get Rid of Your Fleas

Flea Treatment FAQ

What should I do to prepare for a flea treatment at my home?

You should have your animals treated for fleas by your veternarian as close to the treatment as possible. Immediatly before our technician arrives you should vaccum your carpets and throw away the vaccum bag to be sure to dispose of all flea eggs.

How many treatments will it take to get rid of the fleas invading my home?

This depends of the level of the flea infestation, how many pets you have, and where the fleas are living.  Sometimes it can take one flea treatment but it is not rare for it to take a few flea treatments. The products we use are long lasting and excellent at controlling fleas but because of the egg cycles and life-cycle of the fleas it can take more than one visit.

Are Fleas a common problem in Des Moines, Iowa?

Yes. Fleas are common in Des Moines, Iowa. We help many home owners each year who have flea infestations in and around Des Moines. Fleas are transported into your home and they invade from outdoors.

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