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Ants are a common pest found in Des Moines and central Iowa. Carpenter ants and pavement ants are common in Des Moines. 

Des Moines Ant Control

Ant Management

Trying to discourage ants from invading your home can be frustrating. You can take simple steps to prevent ants from invading your home such as to clean all kitchen surfaces immediately after use, vacuum daily, and rinse all dishes out immediately. Ants enter your home from their outside nest in search for food and water to support a growing colony. Eliminating an ant's food source is the key to eliminating ants. However, ants are continuously searching for new food sources and may continue to enter your home in search of food.
You should also seal any crack or crevice that ants can squeeze through to enter into your home. This can be very difficult and time consuming but it is the best way to prevent an ant invasion. However, it may be very difficult or near impossible to find and seal every single crack and crevice in and outside of your home that ants may find and enter.

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Service Needed:

Downs Pest Control on Superior Ant Control

Our certified technicians will inspect the area where the ants are found, identify the species of ant that is present, and decide what is the best treatment to eliminate the ants from your home. Often an integrated ant management approach that we use includes mechanical ant control methods, cultural ant control methods, organic ant control methods, and chemical ant control methods. Mechanical ant control solutions include sealing cracks and crevices to keep the ants on the outside of your home. Cultural ant control solutions include keeping the area clean and free of foods that may attract ants. Chemical methods include the use of repellant products, non-repelling products, and baits.

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Ways to Control Ants in Des Moines, IA

Ant Repellants

Ants do not like repellants and avoid them. Some common ant repellents that homeowners use are peppermint and pepper. Often at Downs Pest Control to repel ants we use different types of pyrethrins which are originally derived from Chrysanthemums. Ant repellants can work well to control ants but ants are very persistent and ant colonies can number in the thousands. Often ants find a way around the repellents and cannot be used alone to solve an ant problem.

Non Ant Repellants

Non-repellants are very effective but most non-repellants do not get at the source of the problem: the queen. As long and the queen ant is producing ants you are fighting an uphill battle. However, there are non-repellant products such as Termidor and Phantom that act slowly and do not have to be ingested by the ants which allows it to be spread from ant to ant until the entire ant colony is affected. These products were originally formulated to control termites but have been found to be extremely effective to control ants.

Ant Baits

Ants baits also work in the same manner as Termidor and Phantom and can be very effective at eliminating ant colonies. However, ants like different types of food at different times and it may be hard to gauge what type of bait to use. Also, if the ant bait is placed too far from the colony the ant may expire before it returns to the ant colony.

Our Ant Treatments

Our ant treatments are effective and inexpensive. We use an integrated ant control approach which includes all of the ant control methods mentioned above. All of our ant control treatments are fully guaranteed. We recommend that you stop trying different over-the-counter products and in home methods, because we can eliminate those annoying ants from your home once and for all summer long.

Ant Treatment FAQ

What does a common ant treatment include?

Typically our ant treatments are very quick and easy. Most of our ant calls include ants that are entering the home through cracks and crevices in search of food and by targeting the exterior of the home we can control ant populations by using products that are safe to humans and pets but target not just single ants but the queen and her colony.
When our technician arrives at your home for the ant treatment he will usually ask you to show him where you are seeing the ants. Then he will try to determine where the ants are entering and what is the best way to elminate the ants. Usually this includes treating the exterior and sometimes includes treating the interior.

After Downs Pest Control treats my home for ants how long will it take before the ants are gone?

This really depends on a lot of different factors. Sometimes it is hours and sometimes it is a few days. The products that we use are slower acting that contact killers like raid. This is because we want the ants to get into the products and share them with all their ant friends in the colony before it kills the ant. If the ants are active when we treat for them they will act more quickly, if the ants are not active then it will take longer because the ants have to get into the products for them to work.

How much does it cost to have my Des Moines area home treated for ants?

This depends on the circumstances and on the location of your home. The average cost of common ant services in Des Moines on common homes (1500 SQFT - 2500 SQFT) is around $75.00. With the online discounts for ant services the cost is around $64.00. We also offer spot treatments that cost less. For more details or a quote call us at 515-309-2089 or send us a message. All our ant services have a 30-Day gaurantee and often will last through the entire ant season.

How do I know if I have carpenter ants or other ants?

You can always call us to come out and take a look at the situation for you. We give free estimates for carpenter ant treatments. The best way to tell if you have carpenter ants or other ants is purely the size of the ant. Carpenter ants are very large, but even when you look at pictures we understand that it can be hard to know what a carpenter ant is if you have never had one shown to you in person.

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