Downs Pest Control locally owned and operated exterminator. Call 515-309-2089 for pest control. We treat for ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, mice, cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, beetles, millipedes, and much more.
Downs Pest Control Provides Affordable, Safe, and Reliable Pest Control Services to Families and Businesses in Des Moines Iowa and central Iowa

About Downs Pest Control

At Downs Pest Control we offer affordable, effective, and honest pest control services. We are determined to deliver the best possible service for the lowest possible price. As your pest control company we work especially hard to keep waste costs to a minimum to deliver high quality services at an affordable price.

We pride ourselves in our integrity and professionalism. We only hire professional individuals with the highest personal and moral standards. 

Our Mission

We believe that every person in central Iowa should live and work in a pest free environment. We are dedicated to providing affordable and effective pest control services with professional, courteous, honest, and prompt services. We believe that our customers deserve a pest control operator that is dedicated to using the newest methods and products to provide environmentally friendly solutions.

What makes our Pest Control Services so great?

  • We do not lock our customers into long term contracts and none of our services have cancellation fees. 
  • We are dedicated to organic and all-natural solutions and we offer 100% organic services
  • Are dedicated to giving service to the Des Moines community
  • We are dedicated to being on time and our services are scheduled with a 30 minute or less window of arrival.
  • We accept credit cards, debit cards, cash, and check.
  • We offer and accept payment plans on all of our services.
  • Offer personalized services to provide only the services you need to limit the cost to you.
  • We rely on word of mouth to keep marketing costs to a minimum.
  • We take the time necessary to eliminate the pest problems you have effectively and do not hurry to get to our next appointment.   
  • We guarantee the satisfaction of all our services.
  • We are a family company owned and operated right here in Des Moines.

Downs Pest Control is a family company that is dedicated to providing high quality pest control services to the Des Moines area.

Company Background

We are proud to be a part of central Iowa. We believe that central Iowa is the best place in the world to do business. We love our customers and and appriciate how they treat us and that is why we try to treat our customers with the courtousy and respect that they deserve.

We are proudly located in the in the Waveland Park neighborhood located at 45th Street and Forest.

We are dedicated to continued learning and thinking outside of the box so that we can solve all your pest problems quickly, affordably, and safely. The saftey of our technicians and your family is our number one priority. That is why we are dedicated to continuosly finding new methods, techniques and products that are enviornmentaly friendly.

We also pride ourselves in providing affordable pest control services. We are dedicated to keeping costs low and working efficiently to provide the most for the fewest dollars. We know that many Des Moines residents attempt to solve pest problems on their own using over-the-counter products which are usually ineffective, can be dangerous, and can even cost as much as one of our gauranteed services. We tailor our services to the need of our customers because we know that not every pest problem is the same.

Downs Pest Control is a pest control company that you can trust to control all of your pest problems. We serve the Des Moines Iowa area. So when you are choosing a pest control company please choose Downs Pest Control. We are a company that you can trust with all your pest needs and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Thank you!

Also please visit our other informative websites: - Our informational site to educate Iowans about pests found in central Iowa and Des Moines.  - Our informational DIY site to help homeowners in their quest to control pests. -  Our informational site about our Des Moines programs to help families who cannot afford quality pest control.

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