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About Silverfish

Silverfish can appear quite scary and nasty. When born, they are whitish but as they age they develop a metallic sheen from scales covering their body. They grow to about inches as adults. Their body gets smaller near the end, giving them a carrot-shape body. They have two long antennas on the tops of their heads, and three sensory bristles near the end of their bodies. Silverfish are insects, so they have three pairs of legs on their abdomen. Silverfish can live between two to three years, but some have been known to live up to eight years!
Silverfish can be found almost anywhere in the world. In Iowa, and throughout the United Sates, silverfish are commonly found in bathrooms, basements, and other moist warm locations. Seeing a silverfish does not necessarily mean there is an infestation. Usually silverfish are found in sinks and bathtubs because they climb in to get to the water, then cannot climb their way out.
Usually it is difficult to tell there are silverfish in your home when populations are small, because one does not do much damage. When there is an infestation, their signs are very noticeable; they tend to start leaving holes in items. They feed on organic material including cereals, books, papers, wallpaper, and other starchy items. They can cause major damage to your property and food. They have not been known to transmit diseases. Even if you get rid of their food, they can still survive for almost a year without food.

Getting Rid of Silverfish

Getting rid of silverfish is very important, because they are prey for other insect predators, such as spiders, centipedes and some other insects. A professional will know how to get rid of silverfish. At Downs Pest Control, our certified technicians will work with you to get rid of your infestation. Call today for a free quote! (515)309-2089

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