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The last thing you want in or around your home is an unwanted little critter. Some rodents carry diseases and are a threat to your health. Your rodent problem may include mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, or voles. Our trained technicians will always inspect, identify, decide the best treatment to get rid of your mouse, rat, squirrel, chipmunk, or vole and make recommendations to keep rodents from returning. Removal of mice and rats involves the use of baits, live traps, snap traps, and glue traps. With this combined effort of different types of traps, we can get rid of these health risks once and for all.


Ever since the history of man, there have been rodents that live off of humans. Rodents are very resourceful in surviving and very intelligent. Rodents get their name from the Latin word rodens, “gnawing one”. Rodents have two incisors in the upper and some in the lower jaw. These continuously grow and must be gnawed down to size, so they tend to gnaw on anything. Most rodents are herbivores, only eating seeds and vegetables, but some have been found to eat insects and small birds. Rodents make nests to keep their young in. These nests can be made out of any scraps that they can find.


Mice are the most common rodent found in homes, hotels, hospitals, schools, and restaurants. Mice are very resourceful and adaptable to any environment. Because of this adaptability mice are able to live almost anywhere. There are two types of mice that are commonly found in Iowa, the house mice and our native deer mice. Deer mice are slightly larger than house mice, and weigh about to one ounce.
Mice have very bad eyesight so their other senses are very strong. Mice are also very nimble; they can fit through small holes that are only inch wide. An unknown attribute about mice is their ability to jump. Mice can jump over a foot in height, and mice can jump off a wall and use it as a springboard to jump up even higher. Mice can also run straight up a wall and scamper across small electrical wires easily.
Mice breed year round in the house, producing around 50 young ones every year. Newborn mice are hairless, pink and their eyes are usually closed. By the time Mice are three weeks old they are covered in fur and making trips away from the nest by themselves.
The indications of mice in your home are: mouse droppings, squeaks, scrambling, sounds of gnawing, and areas that have been gnawed. A musky smell is common where mice infestations are. It is also not uncommon to see mice run away when a light is turned on.


There are only two types of rats in America, the Norway rat and the Roof Rat. The only one found in Iowa is the Norway rat. Rats destroy over 20% of the world’s food supply. Rats are very large compared to the house mice. Rats can also jump 3 feet straight up in the air and horizontally 4 feet. Rats can fall from over 50 feet and survive. Rats can also tread water for up to three days. Rats are very strong and very nimble. Rats can compress their bodies to fit through a hole that’s inch wide.
Rat’s incisor teeth can grow at a rate of 5 inches per year, so continuous gnawing is needed. Signs of gnawing are an indicator of rats; another sign of rats are grease marks, tracks, and burrows (holes that aren’t supposed to be there).
Rats are not nearly as curious as mice are. Rats will only travel up to ten-fifteen feet away from their nests. If a new object is found near their nest they will be afraid of it and will avoid it for up to a week. This is why rat traps can take up to two weeks to start working effectively.
The most dangerous thing about rats and mice is their ability to carry diseases. One of the most destructive diseases recorded was carried by rats, the Black Plague. With the rats ability to squeeze in small holes and get into food sources, the ability to pass on diseases is very high. Rats have been diagnosed to carry rabies, but there has been no documented case of a human getting rabies from a rat before.

What You Can Do to Keep Mice and Rats Out of Your Home

You can take precautions to keep the rodents out. If you are already have mice or rats you may want to take these precautions to keep them from returning. If you don’t have any signs of mice or rats, you should still implement these steps to stop them from coming in. The best things you can do to “rodent-proof” your home is to:
• Seal all cracks and holes inside and outside of your home
• Block or fill the opening around water pipes or wires
• Use screens in air vents and other holes that may be too large to fill
• Make sure that the door’s bottom edge is flush to the floor
• Keep the food out to a minimum
• Keep pet food sealed in plastic containers

Other rodents like squirrels, chipmunks, and voles, tend to stay outside more than anything. But they can come inside during the winter or lack of food outside. Use the same “rodent-proofing” methods to keep them from entering your home.

Every situation is different and every person has their personal idea about what the best type of rodent control is. The situation depends on where the rodents are, what rodents are there, pets, and children. We will discuss the best methods and work with you to eliminate the pests. Downs Pest Control will guarantee the infestation will be gone with our professional and safe treatments.

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