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About Moles

Moles are very hard workers. They work day and night, and all year round. They are most noticed in the spring time because that’s when the moles are leaving the tunnels most often. During the winter, when the ground freezes, moles stay deep underground in their nests to stay warm. Moles create burrows, a series of tunnels and nesting sites, which can go as deep as 10 feet.

Moles can grow up to 6-12”, depending on the species. They usually have a dark gray fur, a slender snout, and very sharp teeth. They have tiny eyes that are only capable of distinguishing light from dark, otherwise they are considered blind. Moles also have very large front claws, compared to their body, that are used for digging.


Moles live most of their lives underground. They do come to the surface occasionally for search for water or nesting material. They will also abandon their tunnels if they become flooded. They can dig surface tunnels at a rate of 18 feet per hour. Moles dig two different types of tunnels: shallow and deep tunnels. Shallow tunnels are the tunnels most noticed by homeowners, because it makes the ground weak and collapsible when walked on. Shallow tunnels are also used mainly to get their food. Deep tunnels are the mole’s usual main runway, since it is usually the safest from predators. Deep tunnels are anywhere between 1 foot and 10 feet deep, depending on how soft the soil is. Moles usually dig their tunnels in soils that are loose, moist, and that have plenty of food sources. The tunnels moles dig can be very annoying and cause mounds or surface ridges in your lawns.


Moles live alone except for when they are rearing young. They usually have about 1-6 per litter, once or twice a year. Mole babies are hairless and blind at birth. Fur begins to appear on the babies at about ten days after birth. It takes about 6-12 months for the mole babies to grow to adult size.


Moles diet consists of small invertebrates, usually worms. Moles have a very big appetite; they can eat their weight in worms and other grubs every day. To get their food they usually create new shallow tunnels to find the grubs.

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