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About Flies

The main types of flies found around and in homes in Iowa are the house fly, cluster fly, blow fly, and flesh flies. Flies move between filth like animal waste, garbage, and decaying organic activity. The pathogens they pick up on the outside of their bodies are easily transferred to human skin or food.

House Fly

About 1/4 inch long. It has a great body with black stripes on the thorax (back between head and wings). The house fly lays its eggs in organic material like garbage, manure, and other wastes. The larvae or maggots feed on this organic material then crawl to a dry cool location to pupate. These types of flies are health risks in kitchens and where food is eaten and prepared.

Cluster Fly

This fly is an accidental invader that enters buildings in the fall months in search of a location to hibernate. They are a little bit larger than a house fly and move more slowly. They hibernate inside attics and in walls. Larvae pupate outdoors inside earthworms.

Blow Fly

Blow flies are 1/3-1/2 inches long. They often appear metallic.

Flesh Fly

Managing Flies

There are some steps you can take to keep those dirty flies out of your home. Place your garbage cans far from entrances to your home or building. Keep the trash can or dumpster lids closed. Clean them or have your waste management company clean them if they smell strongly or contain liquid. Keep the areas where your trash receptacles are clean. Keep all doors to your home or building shut. Make sure windows have tight fitting screens. Use good quality trash bags as liners. Clean up and food or drink spills quickly.

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